Are you an Eng Soc affiliated club with merch you want readily available to students at a central location with consistent hours?

You should consign to Stores!

What is consignment?

Consignment means you sign over your merchandise to Stores and we’ll sell your product for you at the price you ask us to. Every December, Stores will pay you the total amount your club has earned from sales.

Your club can also allow Stores to take some of the profits to help support our student-run businesses and thank us for our work, but it is not required and frankly, not common (but you can’t blame us for wanting to tell you it’s an option).

What do we need from you?

  1. Your product! (Of course) All we ask is that you do the designing and ordering, but we are glad to give you tips on suppliers!
  2. Pick the price of your items. Most of our items vary in price but if you really don’t know how much your product should be, here is a guideline:
    • Patches: ~$5

    • T-shirts: ~$15

    • Sweaters/crewnecks: ~$30

  3. Sign the consignment form linked below and bring it to Stores with your items (pre-counted preferably) when a manager is around.

  4. Advertise your product! We are happy to advertise when new product comes in but this is also your job! If you want to sell your stuff, people need to know about it.

Why consign with us?

  1. Stores has consistent hours. Every day of the week, we will be open during core school hours from 11 am - 4 pm, with no plans to reduce these.

  2. Stores is in a central location. We’re in the pit! Whether people come here for lunch or are in SF/GB for class, almost everyone passes by us almost every day. No detours necessary.

  3. Everything is in the same place. Stores sells a lot of merchandise for a lot of other clubs. When jacket and covie sales come around, it’s a lot easier for students to get their patches all in the same place. And while they’re here, they can buy some cool shirts too!

  4. We keep track of inventory and money. What else do we need to say about this? You don’t have to do any of the work! You can also ask for an inventory count whenever you need it, but we’ll make sure to warn you when your stock is low.

  5. Your product is not forever stuck with us. Realized you need a few items for an event? Fill out the super convenient de-consignment form linked below and bring it to Stores when a manager is around to take back however much you want.

Things to note

  1. Please be mindful of the product you are giving Stores. We are a small store and can only hold a limited amount of stock. Talk to us if you need any guidance on numbers, but in general you should order with the assumption that what you buy should sell out within 1-2 years.

  2. If you are consigning year-specific items, Stores will give it an expiration date of the year the majority of everyone relevant graduates. (Aka all 2T0 specific items will be returned to you in April 2021).

  3. You can put your items on sale! If things aren’t selling, contact us to make your product cheaper for a limited (or unlimited time). You can also work with us to advertise your merchandise.

  4. Stores has the right to deny consignment. If we do not want to sell your product for any reason, we won’t.

And of course, if you have any questions please email us at!