Who Are We?

Introducing our team for the 2020 - 2021 Year!


Noah Guerin


Hi there! My name is Noah and I’ll be one of the Stores Managers this year. We are super excited to try and bring all our ideas to life for you guys and offer some great products! A little about me: I’m an ECE 2T2T1 (T1B1) and I’m very interested in bioengineering, power systems and control systems. Besides Stores, I’m also involved with intramural hockey and soccer at UofT, if you see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Takshil Jariwala


What’s up guys?! It’s Tak. There are so many ideas for new merch and initiatives for Stores this year, and I really hope I do a good job to give back to the amazing community we have at U of T Engineering. Beyond Stores however, I’m a Mech 2T2 going in Tron and Solids Stream, and I’m also on the Blue Sky Solar Racing Team as well the Mech Club Director of Events! So if you ever have any questions about those, or just want my top secret homemade pizza recipe please reach out and say hi! I would love to talk and help in whatever way that I can. P.S. I am addicted to pizza, but what can you do.

Executive Team

Diana Bermas

Graphics Director

Hey y’all, I’m Diana a Mech 2T2. I’m super excited to be an executive member of Stores this year and can’t wait to make some ~aesthetic~ graphics for our social media accounts! I’m also currently Mech Club’s Vice-Chair. If you ever see me in the Pit don’t be afraid to say ‘Hi,’ I love meeting new people and IF YOU BY CHANCE ALSO HAVE A PET DOG PLS SHARE PHOTOS WITH ME, THANK YOU! ♡

Meisa Chen

Marketing Director

Howdy everyone! My name's Meisa and I'm an Indy 2T3T1 here to serve as the Marketing exec this year. I'm super excited to develop and publish spicy campaigns for Stores, and when I'm not working on that or wheezing over school, you can find me jamming like a noodle to music while eating shawarma from the green truck! Be sure to look out for what we have in store for this year ;)

Ellen Chen


Hi!! My name is Ellen, and I’m an ECE 2T2T1 going into Computer Engineering with a minor in Artificial Intelligence. I’m super super excited to be bringing some new amazing features to the Stores website!! ♥ I’m also a Software Project lead on Rover Space Xploration, and a Managing Director for Global Engineering Week. If you ever see me around, say hi!! I love talking to new people and getting to know the SKULE community better.

Nicole Streltsov


Hey everyone! I’m Nicole and an EngSci 2T3. I’m ecstatic to be on this team with Eng Stores and give you all a smooth experience on our website! I’ll aim to make sure noooo bugs are missed and the new features are crystal clean, let us know if you spy some °o°. Stores aside, I’m also part of a dance team (outside of Skule lol) and want to be part of more clubs. Anyway, if you see me around, say hi, although shy, I’d love to meet new, interesting people :D