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Coverall Fitting Guide

What are Skule TM coveralls? Coveralls are worn by Leedurs during F!ROSH WEEK and other spirit events during the year!

Traditionally, coveralls (covies) are used to keep you clean while working on messy activities, or as a great substitute for a lab coat! (Yes! You can wear these to your labs!) While this still does hold true at SkuleTM, students here also choose to use their covies as a means to communicate and broadcast their SkuleTM spirit decorating their covies with paint and patches!

Covies are priced at CAD $67 (not including tax).

What will you put on YOUR coveralls?

Front Design
Back Design



Measure from the largest point on your hips from one side to the other. You should go from one pant seam to the pant seam on the other side.


Measure your waist (where your ribs ends) from one side to the other.

Leg Width

Measure from one side of the inner seam to the other side at the widest part of your leg.

Groin to Shoulder

Measure from the bottom of the groin to the top of the shoulder (right at the base of your neck).


Measure right at the armpit from one side to the other, taking the largest measurement across.

Arm Length

Measure from top of shoulder to wrist.


Measure along the inseam from bottom of the groin to the bottom of the leg hem. Alternatively, measure from your groin to the inside ball of your ankle.

Measurement Reference

That's it! Let's find your size using the Sizing Chart below!

Remember that you may need to add ~2-5 centimeters to account for clothing.

Sizing Chart (cm)

Size / Measurement XS S M L XL 2XL
1. Hip 94 116 121 125 130 132
2. Waist 90 110 116 118 118 124
3. Leg Width 58 66 74 74 70 74
4. Groin to Shoulder 85 82 87 89 93 99
5. Chest 100 112 118 123 128 134
6. Arm Length 63 57 61 61 65 67
7. Inseam 78 76 75 72 77 76

Pro Tips

1. Roll up coverall legs to desired length before decorating on them.

2. Do not put too many patches on the arms, as you will be tying them around your waist.

3. Sewing letters and patches will make them last longer on your coveralls than paint or glue (however, it will take longer).

4. Use fabric paint if you are going to paint them, they are worth the investment!