Leather Jackets

A Guide to Leather Jackets

Within Canada, most engineering schools have their own Engineering jackets; all in various colours and styles. The University of Toronto Engineering Jacket has gone through several renditions over many decades, including a corduroy style! For the foreseeable future, our Engineering jackets are a black leather, available in either a bomber style fit or a tailored fit! You can customize your jacket with unique designs, patches and other options to add your own style!

This guide is meant to be a summary of what you need to know about customizing your own jacket, and to give you an idea for what you want to put on yours!

Leather Jacket Fittings are open October 10-12th from 11AM-6PM, and October 17th and 19th from 6PM - 10PM.

For a full comprehensive guide to leather jackets, please see this document!

Jacket Styles

Bomber Style  Women's Tailored Fit

Sizes: 36-56

Sizes: XXS - XXXL

Please Note: Anyone is able to get either style of jacket, regardless of gender!

Back Designs

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